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Sponsored promotion that will ensure perfect success in every ad made. .

If we want to get better results for the search words that appear in the existing articles, all we have left is to write better content for our site.

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It is very important to understand at what stage of the buying process the ad meets the customer?

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Landing Page Development

Build designed landing pages to help you connect with customers and highlight your business brand.

Social Network Management

Believe it or not, there are now businesses that have built business empires on the purity of advertising on social networks.

Sponsored SEO

Sponsored promotions can be done in different ways that are selected according to our audience browsing patterns.

Organic SEO

High-quality organic promotion will result in your business appearing in high search engine rankings for the business-relevant keywords.

Content Writing

Quality content will unequivocally affect your chances of influencing and selling to users who come to your website.

Marketing Strategy

The ambition will always be to build the marketing strategy of the business so that most of the effort is directed in directions where there is high profit potential but low competition.

Website Development

Websites can be built for a number of reasons – starting a new business, rebranding the business, wanting to sell products online, wanting to write a blog, etc.

Email Marketing Solution

Effective email marketing strategy helps in retaining existing customers in addition to add new ones further helps in branding business.

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Search Engine Optimization is a popular internet marketing method that many businesses want to gain competitive advantage, the result of which is achieved in a number of different ways as we browse the web, for example, the same ads that appear to us at the top and bottom of the page that shows us the search results of what we searched for on Google.

The idea is that the advertiser can show their ads to the most relevant audience that is already searching for things related to the sponsored ad topic on the web. Advertisers who know how to manage smartly-funded campaigns and accurate segmentation of the target audience and keywords will be able to achieve great results in no time.

The key to effective sponsored promotion consists of two key elements:

 * Keyword planning

 * High-quality demographic research for the campaign’s target audience.

To explain the principles of a Google-sponsored campaign process, we’ve prepared a five-step explanation to explain how this world works and how we can deliver the most relevant ads that will attract quality customers to our site.

Planning the sponsored campaign

To understand where we come in, it’s best to understand who our target audience is and answer the following questions – Who is the target audience of the ad? What does this kind of audience do in their free time? Where does the audience live? What language do you speak? What do they usually buy? And generally try to build a property profile to help us get a snapshot.

Another question to consider is what kind of action do we want the audience watching the ad to do after being exposed to the ad?

For example, if we have posted an ad that aims to generate a website purchase then make sure that the route the customer goes from the moment the ad is clicked is the most convenient route until it reaches the point of purchase.

Sponsored Campaign Planning

It is very important to understand at what stage of the buying process the ad meets the customer?

It is customary to divide the buying process into four stages


  1. Product awareness.
  2. Interest in the product.
  3. A passion for the product.
  4. Product buying action.

Each of these steps requires building ads of different character and messages.

Where does my target audience spend their time browsing the web?

Sponsored promotions can be done in different ways that are selected according to our audience browsing patterns. We can re-market to an audience who has already visited our site and we want to remind him of our existence more times. We can promote sponsored posts on social networks to reach a target audience in advance and of course we can promote the business through Google Sponsored Ads. Once we understand where our target audience is, we can find out the advertising costs in each of the channels and make an informed decision on which channel we can get the most affordable for our advertising budgets.

A campaign funded with a purpose

Create a sponsored campaign with a clear goal

At this point, when we already know where we are headed, we have to move on to the content formulation itself. Although every business owner can write a mountain of information about their business when it comes to a sponsored campaign, the preference is to formulate the ads in a concise and purposeful manner so as not to confuse the target audience to be exposed to the ad.

Our ambition is to present in each ad a short and clear message that will make it clear to the user from the first moment what we want from him. In many cases, we want to advertise a customer service or product sold at an attractive price. We aim to invest advertising resources in the product / service that we identify as having the highest demand from consumers.

The more focused we become, the easier it will be for us to measure and determine whether the campaign was profitable or not. If we identify a situation where we have a desire to achieve a number of different goals (increasing sales, increasing brand exposure, increasing customer club sign-ups), the right thing for us is to split our activity into several different campaigns, each of which will achieve different goals.

Purchase Funnel

Once we have set a clear goal for the campaign, it is of utmost importance to plan the purchase process that the customer will go through from the moment the ad is exposed. The process begins when the customer first notices the ad we placed. Once we were able to get their initial attention.

The follow-up action they take depends to a large extent on how we have designed and organized the pages they will be exposed to after clicking on the ad.

For example, the purchase process that customers should go through in a well-managed campaign is: ad exposure-ad click-product selection-switching to a shopping cart-transaction making-thank you page-invoice email

Purchase Funnel

Purchase Funnel Cost checking

For many customers, the way to judge whether the campaign was successful is the amount of new customers added to the customer base following the campaign. Example of a simple campaign success calculation: Suppose there is a campaign for which we have allocated $10, and we expect to receive 1,000 ad impressions for our target audience.

Of the 1,000 exposures, we get 50 clicks: 50/1000, which means 5% will actually click. Now let’s say that out of those 50 people who actually clicked 2 people would make a purchase or contact (conversion).

2/50 means 4% is our conversion rate. Bottom line we got that $ 10 investment would give us 2 clients, each of which cost us $ 5. We always strive to test new content and audiences to improve our conversion rate.

Start with a small sample

Sponsored promotion is an advertising strategy that is gradually being built especially for beginners among us. The recommendation is to always test the success of the campaign by examining the audience response to the first post and making the necessary adjustments according to the audience responses.

Starting with a low budget will allow us to increase it gradually and according to the success of the campaign. Cost and effectiveness The campaign is derived from target audience planning, ad design, landing page, ad impression scheduling and more.

In summary, as you can understand, there is no wonder formula in the sponsored promotion that will ensure perfect success in every ad made. However, if we have the basic understanding of all campaign success factors, our chances of success are wonders. In-depth study of the target audience is the basis for success and the more accurately we can target our target audience the more we can reach the right people and improve our conversion chances.

Sponsored promotional packages we offer are suitable for customers who want to get results as of tomorrow. The main advantage is that with modest budgets you can achieve beautiful results and generate relevant website traffic in no time. We work primarily with Google and Facebook advertising platforms that are considered to be the world’s leading Internet marketing platforms. In addition, if needed, we also offer sponsored advertising services on other platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

In this category we offer different packages to help you achieve the best results. Package prices vary based on the amount of advertising budgets you budget for your campaigns on a monthly basis.

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