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Digital Marketing

We have designed a comprehensive package to manage your digital marketing requirements.

We offer five core services to meet your day to day requirements- website building, landing pages, organic Google SEO, Google sponsored SEO and social media advertising.

Do you want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

In order to increase traffic to your website optimization is important because it helps your website visitors be more successful with their visits to your website. Every visitor comes to your site hoping to answer a question, find a solution to their problem, or complete a task of one kind or another. When you optimize your website you are making it easier for your site visitors to accomplish those tasks which results in incresed website traffic.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Landing Page Development

Build designed landing pages to help you connect with customers and highlight your business brand.

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The goal of building landing pages

Convince the surfers who have come to you through social networking campaigns or through Google to continue your site and become customers later. There is a huge variety of different types of landing pages designed for different purposes for different companies from different industries.


Despite the huge differences, one thing is common to all landing pages – they emphasize the benefits that will come to the customer if they choose to use the company’s services or products. In addition, all landing pages will have calls to action designed to encourage users to take active action “here and now.” For example, “Sign up now for a free guide,” 50% off today’s invitees, “and so on.

Social Network Management

Believe it or not, there are now businesses that have built business empires on the purity of advertising on social networks.

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Organic promotion on social networks

Social network management at EXCELSIOR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is part of the service we offer, under this category you can specify page and campaign management on top social networks such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.


Organic promotion on social networks

Nowadays, many of the people who do business in social networking business think that if we want to do a successful marketing campaign we must do so by establishing a sponsored campaign through which we can reach the target audience accurately and quickly.

Sponsored SEO

Sponsored promotions can be done in different ways that are selected according to our audience browsing patterns.

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Sponsored Campaign Planning

It is very important to understand at what stage of the buying process the ad meets the customer?


It is customary to divide the buying process into four stages


  1. Product awareness.


  1. Interest in the product.


  1. A passion for the product.


  1. Product buying action.


Each of these steps requires building ads of different character and messages.


Where does my target audience spend their time browsing the web?


Sponsored promotions can be done in different ways that are selected according to our audience browsing patterns. We can re-market to an audience who has already visited our site and we want to remind him of our existence more times. We can promote sponsored posts on social networks to reach a target audience in advance and of course we can promote the business through Google Sponsored Ads. Once we understand where our target audience is, we can find out the advertising costs in each of the channels and make an informed decision on which channel we can get the most affordable for our advertising budgets.

Organic SEO

High-quality organic promotion will result in your business appearing in high search engine rankings for the business-relevant keywords.

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Organic promotion is one of the most important marketing tools available to increase brand awareness for your business. The traffic to your business website will increase significantly and as a result, your business sales and services will increase accordingly. High-quality organic promotion will result in your business appearing in high search engine rankings for the business-relevant keywords.


SEO services are expressed in three aspects –


  1. The technical part – how the site is built “behind the scenes”.


  1. The content of the site that is supposed to be marketing and informative for the users.


  1. The links that lead to a site that are supposed to be from leading sites that are relevant to the site’s business.


The thinking behind organic promotion is long-term thinking which will increase search engine visibility and consequently increase the company’s revenue cycle.

Content Writing

Quality content will unequivocally affect your chances of influencing and selling to users who come to your website.

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How can you make your website interesting and attractive?

Make beautiful and interesting animation videos possible but… costing full of money. Go for a photo shoot today with a professional photographer to upload a full set of amazing photos to a possible site, but … will cost a lot of money and time. Both of the above solutions are definitely recommended and great solutions for businesses that they have achieved and have the time and ability to implement these solutions on a regular basis.


But, there’s another solution too, and it’s no less good (and Google may be even better) that is called content writing. Content writing is a simple operation (for us at least) available and can be performed on a regular basis without the need for special production and crazy costs.

Marketing Strategy

The ambition will always be to build the marketing strategy of the business so that most of the effort is directed in directions where there is high profit potential but low competition.

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Significant communication with our customers will be almost impossible if we do not take the time to stop and plan exactly who the target audience of our business is. It is important that we understand what is most important to them, what their type of relationship with our brand is and what the current market situation is.


Our focus in marketing research will be on gathering information and data to help us understand a deep understanding of our type of customers, current trends and can help us with the marketing, communication channels and platforms we want to use to reach the potential customers of the business. In our marketing research process, we can use advanced business intelligence software. In addition, we can use tools and practices from the world of business strategy, such as SWOT analysis.

Website Development

Websites can be built for a number of reasons – starting a new business, rebranding the business, wanting to sell products online, wanting to write a blog, etc.

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In the digital age that we live in today, almost every type of career or business from any field we can imagine needs to have a website. A properly and professionally built website serves as our business card in the industry where we try to promote ourselves.


A website can serve as a marketing platform, as an online store, as a platform to showcase unique projects and skills we are characterized by, a communication channel with our target audience, and a tool for establishing our brand in the market.

This is probably the most important service we offer. A website is the foundation for any business that wants to create a reasonable online presence. If there is no website, it will be difficult to convince your prospects that you are a serious business.

Email Marketing Solution

Effective email marketing strategy helps in retaining existing customers in addition to add new ones further helps in branding business.

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In email marketing we create segment in respect of our customers on the basis of requirement in order answer a query in line with his real needs and thus increase our conversion rates, in addition there are mailing systems that now give many sophisticated automations, so for example we can send an automatic email series to the customer Who left us near on Facebook or subscribed to the mailing list, beyond that a customer who is already registered on our mailing list, we can send him an email automatically if he enters our store online and chose a product for his shopping cart, and then decided not to buy the product and abandoned the cart.

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